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I was born in Canada to a Chinese mother and Canadian father, but grew up in China. We moved from Shanghai to Hong Kong to Taipei to Beijing over thirteen odd years. I speak fluent Mandarin, but can't cook kung pao chicken to save my life. I live in Australia with my husband and two kids.




I write comedy screenplays and fantasy fiction. I've written screenplays, as well as a web series for Subway Sandwiches, which won a student Emmy. I'm currently writing two feature screenplays, as well as a new dragonrider series. The first book will launch October 2023.




I've been a film/TV producer for twenty years. Over that time, I've been lucky enough to produce a few award-winning films and documentaries, many China-focused. I also have an MFA from the Peter Stark Producing Program at the University of Southern California, which is a fancy way of saying I spent two years learning how to make movies. You can visit my IMDB page here.

Melanie Ansley fantasy fiction author
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