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5 Things About Upcoming "Theo" Sequel

Today, I’m taking a break from the 5 Things About Writing column to talk about progress with my sequel in the "Book of Theo" series—because I’ve got 5 new updates.

1) The Date: if you’re signed up for my newsletter, you’ll know that I’ve announced Book 2 is launching this September. Nothing like a deadline to get you strapped to your desk! I’m eyeing September 8, International Literacy Day.

2) The Advance Copy: if you’re interested in becoming an Advance Reader, and getting an e-copy before the release date, sign up to my newsletter, and then email me here. This will mean you get to read Book 2 in August, a month early.

3) The Physical Copies: hard copies for Books 1 and 2 are in the pipeline, stay tuned! The ISBNs are ready to go, so now it's about choosing paper and formats.

4) The Continuing Series: while writing Book 2, the beginnings of Book 3 started to take shape, so things are moving along. I'm also planning more novellas/short stories set in the Mankahar world, mostly backstories to characters before they appear in the novels. I may start taking polls on which characters readers want to see!

5) The Tour: I'm planting the seeds for a blog tour around Book 2's release. If you have a recommendation for a favorite blog, I'm all ears! You can message me here.

Happy Friday. And now, back to the keyboard. September isn't far away when you have a book to release!

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