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"Dragon Class" lands October 25!

The first book in the "Riders of Jade & Fire" series is nearly here: "Dragon Class" will be available in stores October 25, with pre-orders available now.

A lowborn thief. A priceless dragon. A bond that could change an empire. Jin is a hardened pickpocket surviving the underbelly of Tang China, until a single heist changes everything. When her gang’s riskiest gamble goes wrong, Jin finds herself bonded to a dragon, and is faced with a choice: endure the slave mines, or train to join the Dragon Class: the empire’s mightiest and most revered army.

For her dragon Rayshan is a rare and powerful type: a jade. As Jin’s bond with Rayshan deepens and her desire to rise above her humble station grows, Jin faces a battle not only to pass the trials barring her from becoming the empire’s first female dragon rider, but also against the ruthless aristocracy--particularly Gao, the Minister of War, who will defend the empire’s iron clad traditions by any means necessary. And meanwhile, on the edges of the empire, a buried dark force is gathering, threatening to sweep them all into chaos...

An action packed dragon rider adventure about daring to be all you can be, "Dragon Class" will immerse you in a world of grandeur, intrigue, and magic. *Pre-order now for a chance to win a signed paperback! Simply send me proof of purchase before Oct 25 2023


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