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"Dragon Flame" has a cover, and pre-order is up now!

It's always so gratifying to reveal a book's cover--it makes it real. And this time is no different! "Dragon Flame", Book 2 in the "Riders of Jade & Fire" series, hits shelves September 26:

I'm still deep in the edit, but I can promise adventure (of course), intrigue, and reveals. Jin's dragon Rayshan will manifest his unique power, but will it be a gift or a curse? You can pre-order a copy for the early bird price of USD $3.99 here. Here's the full synopsis:

Trailblazer. Role model. Troublemaker.

Jin wants none of these labels, but she knows as the first female dragonrider in the Tang empire, there’s little chance of escaping them. Especially as she has secretly broken one of the oldest taboos of dragonriding: she is blood bonded to her jade dragon, Rayshan.

But when her wing is sent to the kingdom of Khitan to hunt down the empire’s most feared dragon, Baikalan, her reputation will be the least of her concerns. For Jin discovers a plot far more insidious than any of them had anticipated, one that will threaten the empire itself and pit her against a formidable enemy only she can defeat. But at what cost? And when Rayshan manifests his gift, an unexpected and rare dark power, will it be the key to their salvation, or the end of Jin and everyone she loves?

I can't wait to share this book with you. If you can't wait either, and would like a copy before anyone else, I'd love you to join my ARC team! The Advance Reader Copy team gets to read and review "Dragon Flame" before its release, plus you'll get an invite to join me and others in the ARC team for a virtual coffee before the release to talk about writing, the series, anything at all! Interested? Just hop over here for details and to sign up!


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