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Free Today! First two volumes in the "Book of Theo" series

I can't believe I'm less than two weeks away from launching my newest book. But it's not just any book, it's the finale in a trilogy that has taken me---well, let's just say it's been a long labour of love!

With launch day just around the corner, I wanted to offer a way to binge on the other books, without breaking the bank. So "Theo and the Forbidden Language" and "Theo and the Secret of Elshon" are both FREE today, and you can pick up your copies here:

Reading is outlawed. Most animals are enslaved. Can one rabbit defeat the empire before he’s silenced forever?

Theo's secret is out: he knows the forbidden language of reading and writing. Which means the entire empire is out for his blood. His only hope lies in finding the fabled Library of Elshon, but to do so he will need the help of the land's most notorious and feared exile...

Happy reading! Plus, the giveaway for a signed copy of "Theo and the Secret of Elshon" is still on, just pre-order "Theo and the Stolen Library" before November 18 and send me a proof of purchase (melanie at melanieansley dot com) to be in the draw!


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