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Grab a free copy of Theo and the Secret of Elshon

If you liked the first adventure, and want the second, now's the perfect time. Or maybe you want to grab this now and catch up on the first book later. Either way, "Theo and the Secret of Elshon" is available off Amazon for free today! Join the rabbits Theo and Indigo, and the axe-wielding bear Brune as they travel to convince the wily Orjo to lead them to the Library of Elshon, which holds the secret they need to defeat the Urzok Empire. It's a race against time that might cost Theo everything--including his life.

"This book will keep you wanting more! I loved it!"

- Amazon customer

"Fabulous books which are on par with the Dunkton Wood series by William Horwood."

- Amazon customer


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