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"Night of the Black Dragon" coming soon

It's here. I've been working on a brand new dragon rider series set in an alternate Tang China, and the prequel short story is ready for advance readers! I'm so excited to introduce "Night of the Black Dragon", a fantasy adventure tale about a hardened thief whose heist at a dragon rider's home grows complicated. Here's a sneak peek at the cover, as well as a more detailed synopsis:

Night of the Black Dragon cover reveal

In a world ruled by dragons and their riders, Jin is a young thief surviving the underbelly of Tang China by following her boss’s one simple rule: never steal from the empire. But when she crosses paths with a rival gang during a heist, Jin inadvertently ignites a bloody turf war. To save herself, she must now convince her boss to break all the rules and steal from the elite dragon riders of the Tang empire. But will this make her the most powerful thief in the province, or send her to an early grave?

If you like fantasy adventure in the vein of His Majesty's Dragons, Dragonriders of Pern, and Eragon, then this is for you. If you'd like to join my ARC team and be first to read it and review, simply sign up here for details! Sign ups close April 13, so hurry! And if you'd like to read but prefer to not have the obligation to review, I get it! You can subscribe to my readers list and get the story just before it goes live, no strings attached.

I'll also be announcing the next book in the series, and the series name. If you'd like to take a trip into the world I'm building in this series, you can hop over to my Pinterest page, where I've collected some mood boards, character art, and city scapes that will give you a sense of the series' feel and tone. It's going to be a fun ride, and I hope you'll join me!


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