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The "Queen and the Dagger" paperback has landed

This short adventure prequel is now available on Amazon in paperback! You'll also be able to order it through brick and mortar stores soon! Click here or on the image to order your copy:

Queen and the Dagger paperback image

What readers say:

"A fantasy lover's delight."
"Awesome storytelling at its finest!"

SYNOPSIS: The land of Mankahar is in turmoil as humans have unleashed a devastating weapon to control the animals: Pacification. Just as the rabbit warrior princess Indigo prepares to join the Order, a secret society fighting against the humans, she suffers a shocking setback that threatens to destroy all knows and loves. Now she must navigate a treacherous political landscape to reclaim her throne and avenge the murder of her mother and sister. With the fate of her people hanging in the balance, can Indigo choose between loyalty, duty, and justice before her aunt and mentor, the Regent, closes in?

Perfect for fans of strong heroines, intrigue, and action packed fantasy!


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