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Start the adventure with my free book, or have a browse.  


Book 1 in "Riders of Jade & Fire"

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A lowborn thief. A priceless dragon. A bond that could change an empire.

For fans of "Dragonriders of Pern" and "Star Wars" comes an epic adventure about one woman's fight to make history as the empire's first female dragonrider. 


"The most well written dragon rider book I have read!"


"You don't want to miss this one!"


"Couldn't put this book down!" 


If you love dragon fantasy and vivid ancient worlds, you'll want to  catch this ride!

Read the Prequel to "Riders of Jade & Fire" Free

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What people are saying on Amazon and Goodreads:


"Fantastic, fast-paced and exciting. Beautifully written."

"An absolute delight."

"I loved everything about this book!"

"Honestly, one of my favorite prequels."

"Start of a great ride."

The Book of Theo Series

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