In a distant time, those we know as animals had the gift of speech. But humans discovered through an ancient book the secrets of Pacification, a process whereby animals are rendered mute and docile. And so the Order was formed: a society of animals determined to fight for the right to speak.


The Book of Theo series follows a rabbit named Theo, who has the secret ability to read and write, and his growing involvement in the fight against Pacification. Sign up for the newsletter to get updates on the release of the second installment, or check out the prequel novella, The Queen and the Dagger, below.

Theo and the Forbidden Language

Theo and the Forbidden Language (the first in the Book of Theo series) is about a rabbit with the ability to read and write, who must join forces with an axe wielding bear to fight the human empire robbing animals of their ability to speak.


"An exquisitely written adventure ride." Underground Book Reviews


"Five star read for young readers and the young at heart." - Rabid Readers Reviews

The Queen and the Dagger
(a Book of Theo novella)

A prequel to Theo and the Forbidden LanguageThe Queen and the Dagger follows the Princess Indigo as she fights to save her crown and her queendom from the forces of Pacification.

"This novella has it all. A must read." -Neven Carr, author of Forgotten