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100 Copies of "Dragon Class" via Goodreads

Winning isn't everything, but it still feels nice, especially when it's a book!

I have 100 copies of my dragonrider adventure "Dragon Class" up for grabs over at Goodreads, simply sign up over here if you'd like to enter! Contest is open to US and Canadian residents, and closes Oct 23.

If you win, you get to read the first book in the "Riders of Jade & Fire" series before it launches October 25! But if you don't, there's another cool way to win a signed paperback: pre-order through the image below and send me proof of purchase before Oct 25, and you'll be in the draw!

A lowborn thief.

A priceless dragon.

A bond that could change an empire.

Cover of dragonrider fantasy book "Dragon Class"


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