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New book "Dragon Class" out today

It's launch day! "Dragon Class" is now available to download, and the paperback will be available to order in bookshops next week!

I'm so excited to see this book take flight, as it's been simmering for a long time, though I didn't know it. It really had its beginnings several years ago, when a well known Chinese American film producer told me, "I'd love to see you write Chinese fantasy." At the time I hadn't really focused on developing Asian stories, but the comment stuck with me.

Then over a year ago, the idea that the Tang dynasty's golden age came about because of dragons popped into my head. And in this world was a half Chinese, half foreign thief who had lived in the shadows all her life, with no rights of her own. What if this girl finds her voice and ambition after a lifetime of being silent, small, and invisible? Could she journey from being a petty criminal to being a dragonrider hero who helps pave the way for other women?

"Dragon Class" is, I hope, a fantastical and fun adventure for those who love alternative history, dragons, and magic! If you'd like a sneak peek of the book, click here to read the first two chapters for free!


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