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New Cover for "Dragon Class" - Book 1 in the "Riders of Jade & Fire" series

This month, I’m excited to share the brand-new cover for the first book in my new dragonrider series, "Riders of Jade and Fire"!

In the underbelly of a vibrant Tang China, the street thief Jin embarks on the heist of a lifetime, only to discover a destiny far greater than she ever imagined. When her stolen treasure turns out to be a rare and powerful dragon egg, she is thrust into the coveted Dragon Class—a revered order of dragon riders protecting the Tang empire. Yet, as the sole female member in the face of entrenched prejudice, Jin encounters a web of trials, where danger lurks behind every secret and betrayal shadows every alliance. With her jade dragon, Rayshan, Jin must find the courage to defy the traditional aristocracy at court, who will defend their centuries old rules by any means necessary. Can she and Rayshan soar to greatness, or will they have their wings, and lives, broken forever? A story of freedom and destiny, Dragon Class is at heart about the audacity of dreams, and the courage to fight what is, for what should be.

As an avid fantasy reader and a person of mixed heritage, I was keen to write a story with a mixed race heroine. Set against the backdrop of the peak of the Tang dynasty, an era that has always fascinated me, "Dragon Class" is a fun blend of alternate history, majestic dragons, and court intrigue.

This book has been a lot of fun to write and I hope you’ll join me on the launch later this year. If you love dragons, adventure, and stories about fighting impossible odds and winning, I think you’ll love this ride. In the meantime, if you haven’t read the short prequel, “Night of the Black Dragon”, which leads up to this book, make sure to grab your free copy here.

Happy reading!


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